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No issue with stuntmen happened on Mental set

By Subhash K. Jha, Apr 17, 2013 - 10:34 hrs IST

If a report on Monday is to be believed the shooting of Sohail Khan's Mental in Lavasa in Pune was disrupted over a scuffle that broke out between stunt-men from South India and Mumbai.

However, sources from the location say that no such incident happened and that in fact no fights on or off screen occurred at all over the weekend.

Says a source from the location in Lavasa, "Salman Bhai and Sohail Bhai did not shoot any action sequences. So the question of disgruntled South Indian stunt-men clashing with their Mumbai counterparts didn't arise. We have no clue where this false story came from."

Apparently, Salman and Sohail are extremely peeved with the negative reporting on the shooting of their film.

Says the source, "There were reports about a delay and postponement of the release. Now there is a baseless report on a fight between fighters. Please spare us. We just want to make our film quietly."

Actor Ashmit Patel who plays a major role in Mental says, "There was no fight at all. We are shooting dialogue scenes, no action scenes."

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  • No issue with stuntmen happened on Mental set
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