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What! Brad Pitt to collaborate over a film with Shah Rukh Khan?

The bummy-chummy camaraderie we saw between Shah Rukh Khan and his superstar…

Farhan Akhtar’s special role in sister Zoya Akhtar’s new film

So far Farhan Akhtar has played the lead in all…

Setback for Kangna Ranaut

It is Kangna Ranaut versus Devika Bhise in two rival…

REVEALED This is what Salman Khan is planning for Tubelight.  (1)

Come this Eid and we will finally see the release…

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“Salman Khan PROTECTS the needy and weak - Manisha Koirala

Katrina Kaif looks magical in this shoot


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My Entire Species Has Been Assaulted, Molested & Raped Rhea Chakraborty vid Play