Grievance Officer

For any complaint related to the platform; you can write to:


“Should you have any concerns or complaints on any content available on; you can write to:”

Grievance Officer: Mr. Milind Thatte



Digital Publisher Content Grievances Council

“We hope that you will appreciate our stance set out above and are satisfied with our reply. If you are not, then you can write to the Grievance Redressal Board of Digital Publishers Content Grievance Council at ”


Information Disclosure report for the month of April, 2023

SI. No.Grievances/Appeals and actions takenNumber
1Grievances/appeals pending at the beginning of the month0
2Grievances/appeals received during the month3
3Grievances/appeals disposed out of (1) above0
4Grievances/appeals disposed out of (2) above3
5Grievances/appeals pending at the end of the month(1+2-3-4)0
6Classification of grievances disposed0
6(a)Grievances/appeals not related to Code of Ethics3
6(b)Grievances/appeals related to Code of Ethics:0
(i) Agreed to by the self-regulatory body and advisories issued to the publishers0
(ii) Not agreed to by the body0
(iii) Matters referred to the Ministry for modification, deletion or blocking of content0
(iv) Any other action taken0
7.Compliance to advisories issued
7(a)Advisories complied to by the publishers0
7(b)Advisories not complied to by the publishers and matters referred to the Oversight Mechanism0