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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance

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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance

By Joginder Tuteja, 3 Jul 2013

Cast:Prabhu Dheva, Kay Kay Menon, Dharmesh Yelande, Salman Yusuf Khan, Lauren Gottlieb
Director: Remo D'Souza
Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ronnie Screwvala
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Mayur Puri, Priya Panchal


You do carry certain set of expectations from the film when the opening credits start rolling. You want the film to be rich in dance sequences, boast of a visual spectacle and thrive on some pulsating music. Not just that as you are also almost sure that there won't be anything quintessential Bollywood in the way song-n-dance routine is presented on screen.

Moreover, you also feel somewhere at the bottom of your heart that it would be sacrilege to expect something that ends up beating Hollywood in its own game. After all, out there in West such movies are a genre in themselves whereas in India, ABCD is first of its kinds. It is an experiment that doesn't really have a precedent and hence is entirely standing on its own footing.

In that aspect, the expectations are certainly met. You want ABCD to be entertaining but don't really expect a moon from it. Of course, this also means that overall narrative of the film remains predictable (with a couple of spikes of course). However, there isn't much reason to complain since one has to acknowledge that at least a start has been made in Bollywood when it comes to introduction of a new genre.

There aren't many surprises from the storyline perspective either. The promos have pretty much indicated that the film is about a senior choreographer (Prabhu Dheva) drifting apart from his peer (Kay Kay Menon) on ethical and moral grounds and in the process forming his own dance troupe. How he manages to pull it off, bring in a bunch of disoriented youngsters together, form a cohesive team and ultimately emerge victorious is the kind of plot which is pretty much template driven.

Remo D'souza does well in keeping the core value of the film intact. This means that dance forms a major part of the proceedings and thankfully the film doesn't digress from that. Even if there are traces of a love story or some personal issues (around rivalry between two youngsters or the drug problem faced by a character) are touched upon, they never threaten to take over the story. What remains consistent is dance and that's what you find in ample proportion right through the film.

Of course, with Remo at the helm of affairs, you do see a variety of dance forms being explored. So whether these are Ganpati sequences at start (well done) and then in the end (supremely brilliant), 'Bezubaan' or 'Duhai', you are glued to the proceedings. Ditto is the case when a few other set dance pieces intersperse the proceedings.

On the flipside, this also means that for those who like their dance numbers to be conventionally filmy, especially when seen in a Bollywood set up, there isn't much to offer since what you get to see in the film has a niche appeal to it. Of course, there is a good population that has been glued to the small screen, courtesy quite a few reality dance shows that play on screen. However, to counter that there is also a substantial junta that hasn't really caught fancy of such shows yet. For the latter audience, ABCD doesn't quite turn out to be a must-watch affair.

As stated earlier though, the endeavour of the film wasn't really to make inroads into an all India junta but to create a niche for itself by reaching out the target audience. In that aspect, the film works and so do the actors who contribute in making this film special. So while music and lyrics by Sachin-Jigar and Mayur Puri respectively prove to be the driving factor for the film, the actors fit into their parts well to justify their presence.

Prabhu Dheva is required to act with a straight face during most part of the film and he suits the part. On the other hand, Kay Kay is very good, as always. This man needs to be seen in more films. Salman, Dharmesh, Lauren and other youngsters may be acting for the first time, but don't come across as amateurs. The fact that they dance exceptionally well only lends them further brownie points.


The film's duration is 142 minutes


- Special Features
- Deleted Scenes

Special Features include making of the film and music. This is a pretty routine segment and just does a touch-up job before disappearing. There are quite a few deleted scenes though. Out of these, most were actually rather unnecessary and were rightly left out. Kay Kay declaring that he would score a hat trick at championship, Ganesh Acharya having an extended conversation with a local leader (Pankaj Tripathi) and then his scene at the terrace with Prabhu Dheva would have only extended the film's duration further. Moreover, poor sound quality further makes one wonder why these scenes were included at all.

The one which does make an impression is a rather long sequence that introduces each of the prime protagonists who come together for Prabhu Dheva. Remo D'souza takes a sneak-peak into their lives while introducing them as natural dancers who carry a style of their own. Though this is followed by a lengthy sequence between Salman with his parents and then with Lauren, it wouldn't have harmed if at least the introduction part would have stayed in the film's final cut.


- 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
- Subtitles - English
- Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo


Rs. 299/=


Eventually, ABCD turns out to be a film which scores in the uniqueness quotient. Yes, it is predictable but then there is no boredom either. That works since the film's safe narrative keeps the proceedings by and large engaging and entertaining. Moreover, the climax dance sequence is good enough as value for money. An experiment that pays.
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