3.5 Very Good


After watching Shandaar, people make many trolls that this is shandaar tamasha and TAMASHA WILL SHANDAAR.! AND YES. TAmasha is shandaar. What an excellent movie from my one of d favorite director Imtiyaz Ali and yes RANBIR. Ved as well as Don, both were fantastic.( he is not in double roll). Starting was also good but i like the climax part too much. Loactions of France was pretty much better. The movie's slogan which was that "why always the same story"- is proved here completely. Many of us face problems about their carrier. Want to become some but becomes some due to parents. Here, ved's character is also this type and then it overcomes it. How- it will explain the movie very well, not my review.!!! Worth watching film. And yes, deepika was stunning too. By look nd by acting. Both.