3.5 Very Good


Like all Imtiaz Ali movies, Tamasha has a journey at its heart, a journey in which character evolves and re-discovers himself.

Ranbir plays the character of Ved, a person who is spending a monotonous corporate life and excels at telling stories. The movie is about his self-discovery and how he accomplishes what he always wanted to accomplish deep inside his heart. Tara, the character played by Deepika acts as his inspiration and helps him to step up in life, rediscover and redefine himself. She plays a pivotal role in the movie.

Amidst all this, there is a beautiful love story. Ranbir's acting is classy. Deepika also plays her role brilliantly. Her looks are an icing on the cake. She looks beautiful.

The music and the songs in the movie fit in the situation perfectly, in fact, the songs carries the story forward instead of being just a musical treat.

All in all it's a good Imtiaz Ali Film.