2.5 Good

I have waited for many days for this movie to release.. I have also been hearing about this film when it was just written on a paper by Vinod Chopra. and since the i day saw the trailer.It was so gripping with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar playing some serious roles in it. and yes!! Farhan Akhtar cant do anything wrong..he proved this again!! i saw the movie today with very controlled expectations because 2015 was the year of disappointments like Roy and all.. The movie started in a very first shot.. sudden characters introduced..the screenplay,bringing forward the characters and adorable performances by Akhtar and Sir Bachchan.. Amitabh is still one of the most power pack performers in India. 90 minutes of the movie never disappointed me because of the twisted twist in the end!! Surely the movie,as Vidhu Vinod Chopra said earlier that The plot revolves around the rules of the chess..sacrifices,assassinations,authorities and loyalty were its ingredients.. May be Indian audience isn't still prepared for these kind of sharp stories(and i don't expect they will be) Movies like Dilwale and Prdp are regarded as good movies.. and i see no chances Indian Audience gonna improve their perspective for the movies that deserves appreciation and by the way i also have twist in the end for you readers...i.e the title of this review is for Masala movie lovers :) thank you :)