4.5 Excellent


Politics are not my cup of tea, but the Reviews of Rajneeti are so positive, plus great actors are present in one movie. So I decided to give myself to the movie. Trust, I do not regret it. What a superb film. Dirty politics in Godfather style. This drama movie does not let you down; I was completely hooked to my seat. Great story; great dialogues and mind blowing performances from the actors. I believe after the great actor Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor is the best. He gives quality kind movie. He did comedy, romance, drama, but in this film, he gave a high voltage performance. Arjun Rampal is becoming so good in every film. It was a real pleasure to see Nana Pathekar, as usual, he is great. Katrina is great. I usually love Ajay Devgan a lot, but in this film I missed him a lot due to less focus. Otherwise, highly recommended!