3 Good


Overall, the movie is pretty good, but not as outstanding as it should have been given the resources Prakash Jha had. The dialog was great in places and the performances were awesome. Also the film was engaging for the most part. My issue were things getting chaotic in the second half and the blatant ripoffs from The Godfather. I wouldn't have minded the ripoffs had they mentioned it in the promotions that it was Mahabharat meets Godfather,but they didnt mention Godfather. Also another scene that stuck out like a sore thumb was the sex scene between Arjun Rampal and Shruti Seth. It is by far one of the fakest, corniest sex scenes I have ever scene. Arjun is so far away from her when they are having sex he might as well be standing on the other side of the room. In a movie of this standard with such a strong cast and canvas, a scene like this should not be so clumsy and corny.