2.5 Good


Just came back from the cinemas watching Ra.One. And what can i say... i'd like to start with the line "loads of stunning special effects wasted in a movie without a soul in its story or in its direction." Yep true, this was a golden opportunity missed by the Indian film makers. Certainly, this is much better than Krrish, which was nothing but a senseless movie. Ra.One has got one thing right and that's the VFX or the special effects. Now don't get me wrong, there aren't many action scenes, but there are enough special effects. If this sounds complicated, i'd say it in simple words that you will be more than satisfied with the special effects but also you will be left unsatisfied with the amount of action sequences. No doubt the best sequence was the one in which G.One boards the train in his own style and also the G.One's entry was exciting & even the climax which has tons of animations (Good ones). The problem with the movie is that, it lacks a solid story. The story was simply rubbish which led into a totally horrifying climax. The climax was a total bizarre. The editing in the movie is also pretty bad. The suits of both the main characters were impressively designed & presented. The 1st half of the movie was quite good, but then after the interval... the movie starts going over your head. One thing is pretty questionable that, the movie is quite childish, but why there have been adult humor added in the movie & even what effect would it leave on children when they see the on screen leading child artist saying "Condom Condom"? If you want to add adult humor in the movie, then make the script of the movie for adults too! Though some of the funny scenes make you laugh.The performances, well, there's only scope for Shahrukh Khan in the movie & everyone merely has any role. The background score is not effective at all. Also the cameo performances by Rajinikanth, Priyanka Chopra & Sanjay Dutt takes the story nowhere & all of them have been wasted, although Rajinikanth's presence in the movie somehow makes an impact. Apart from the stunning VFX, it has nothing exceptional. A movie which even might turn into the biggest blockbuster ever, but Bollywood still needs an EPIC superhero movie. Well this was a chance...and the makers of the movie didn't quite grab it!