0.5 Poor


The last time I slept in a theatre was NEVER. Shah-rukh Khan gets the credit for doing what the most boring movies failed to do.
There are many problems with this movie - I will leave the critical dissection to the journalists/critics who earn a living out of doing that. I will look at the broader, personality related problem, which makes this movie P.One. Why were Raj Kapoor, Yash Chopra,... Gurur Dutt great producers? They made movies which excited them, which brought out the best in them. Shah-rukh Khan is too much of a business man. He is not an artist. He has always been a mediocre actor at best and by his own admission. Some sycophantic critics are heralding Ra.One as path-breaking cinema for they believe that it has raised the bar as far as special effects go. I, as a viewer, am unwilling to spend 300 rupees on a Hindi movie, which is 3rd class in its effects vis-a-vis a Hollywood movie playing in the next auditorioum just because Shah-rukh Khan produced. I am happy to be branded unpatriotic for not supporting his effort.
Nor am I suggesting that all Hollywood Superhero movies are good. Green Lantern is a good example of a lousy sci-fi movie. It can not be the special effects alone, which can make ANY movie good. Special effects can perhaps help the director in expressing his ideas effectively BUT those can not be the backbone of a movie. What makes a movie click is its SOUL, which the audiences connects with immediately and which does not need aggressive promotion - "A Wednesday" is a brilliant example of that.