3.5 Very Good


I personally think the OST of Drona is an excellent album. It may not be the next RACE or JAANE TU YA JAANE NA but it is nonetheless I different album with a different sound belonging to a different film! If one listens to the songs and digests their abnormality and bizarre composition then they'll start falling for them. The music takes time to digest, but is great once you get used to it.
The first song out of this unusual bouquet of treats is Drona sung by Dhruv. The dude has a different voice which is compulsory in today's music scene, where everyone seems to sound similar. The song starts off slow and all of a sudden kicks into a high-octane tune filled with bangs, booms, thuds and thrashes. The music of Drona captures all of the action and magic that the film holds. The lyrics are powerful and tell you who Drona is - a perfect way to start an album for a different, unexplored genre.
Next in line comes Oop Cha, an item number sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and comprised of a different tune and intuitive lyrics which mean nothing - but have all the guts and substance to emerge cathy and tuneful at the same time. The music is great and the overall effect is so catchy you cannot help but hum the tune right afterwards.
After the dancing and the rocking comes a time to relax and get involved with some love. We've heard the Bol Na Halke Halke from JBJ and we've also heard the Chup Chup Ke from Bunty Aur Bsbli - now get ready for Bandagi!
The plot exists within an action-packed world where power is of might and love is at its strongest - so here we have Bandagi - a perfect fusion of classical and modern music rolled into one to produce a soft sound which is easy on the ears. It is a tuneful, relaxing song which tantalises the heart and instantly injects a vision of beauty, love and romance into your mind. You can instantly tell that stunning visuals and burning chemistry between will set both this song and the screen alight. Next is Nanhe Nanhe. Unfortunately, this will have to be weakest song of the enterprise. It ruins the whole out of this world appeal of Drona and does absolutely nothing for the album. Songs about a mother and her child went out of fashion ages ago - but maybe its appeal is based for the older listeners who will enjoy the sentimental attributes the song boasts of? Maybe, I don't know - but Nanhe Nanhe definitely holds no appeal for the youth.
Next is Khushi, an average song with average lyrics that even impeccable singing can't save from just being skipped. Its an ok composition cleverly designed by Dhruv-but lets face it, it isn't the most likeable tracks of them all. However, its appeal may lie with those who are fans of Jazz music...meh.
Finally its time to pump up the volume once again with the Drona Redux, complimented with the hot vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan. The music bears resemblance to that of Tyler Bates' work in the 300 Soundtrack - a fantasy/war biopic with modernised music infused with an orchestra. This is a rocking track one simply cannot afford not listening to. Next is the Oop Cha Remix. This is a good remix which does nothing but turn the Oop in Oomph and giving the song that extra boost it needs!
Overall, Drona has a different sound which needs getting used to...but once you do it is one enthralling experience which sets you into a thrill of a very different kind. The album is just another excuse for Drona to promote its uniqueness with unparalelled pride!