4 Very Good

Don 2

well in 2006 when srk stepd in bacchan ji shoes,aam janta was anxious abt can he carry or personify a character of such stature..so in such a scenario comparsions were inevitable...but srk emrgd victorious,not only he carrid on bachn's legacy but also also added his own dimension or flavour...now aftr 5 years a sequel is a gud idea but also a great risk because once u have delieverd a gud piece of work public demands or expects a much better performence in the next installment..now d question arises does don 2 lives up to the expection?..yes it does...though it's flawd a bit but overall it packs up enough enjoyable stuff to forgive/forget its minor.Story is straightforward and simple and wil appeal to average cinegoers.srk is soul of the movie and carries don's character wid ease, implementing d requird humor,arrogance,coolnes and wickdness.story though predictable but enjoyable..dialgs r unexpctd so definitely packs a punch.action sequences r gud n d movie has a sleek and stylish feel to it..overall a very gud movie..srk is defintly doing what he is expctd to do on scrn i.e gud acting atleast he doesn't bore public wid unecessary shirt reaping,xpressionless face,stereotype action sequences,n badly choreographd cheap dancing like salman..way 2 go sharukh..u r d king..n wil always remain d king..hope 2 c u n aamir in a movie together..