3.5 Very Good

I am a big fan of Shraddha Kapoor.So you may find my review bias as more than 200 peoples average rating is a mere 6. But i am giving 8 out of 10 for this movie only because i like the action and Shraddha-Tiger chemistry. The story of the movie is not new neither the action, but how many time you see such an action in Bollywood movies. sourly Tiger has put great effort in the movie. The songs are OK type except the rain dance song. There are some things in the movie which i don't find logical. For example how the villein of the movie i.e Raghav(Sudheer Babu) take Sia(Shraddha) to another country, how come nobody stop her or help her at airport. And the last scene appears to be illogical as if the friend of Raghav really wanted to help Rony(Tiger) why he didn't help him directly, why so much drama at the end. Also whoever Rony hit nobody hit him back except the main villein ,But this is accepted as everybody from Hollywood to Bollywood do the same. At the end good movie