2.5 Good

I have loved martial arts ever since i was a child and grown up to movies like 36 chamber of Shaolin, enter the dragon, Ong Bak, tom yum Goong, to the classics like raid and raid 2 today. I always had a grouse when will a competent actor do this type of film in our industry. There was Akshay Kumar in 90s who did well in few action films but the std of action kept getting higher. Today the ones the true martial art film fans look upto are Iko Uwais , tony Jaa and we had guys in India with equal talent like Vidyut. you wish someone would direct a raid with Vidyut and let the world know India is not behind when it comes to international talent. but somehow he has lagged behind . I thank Tiger Shroff from the bottom of my heart for fulfilling one of my wishes so early in his career.

I never had high expectations from baaghi even after its good trailers mainly Cos i was wary of the director Sabbir KHAN who was behind Chutiyapas like Kambhakt Ishq and Heropanti. I have to take my words back in Baaghi Cos he has literally stunned me. He has give tiger shroff all the great moments that one expects from a star of his calibre. He has the karate kid moment with real life grandmaster Shifu Shaurya Bhardwaj (the guru) in Kalaripayattu. He has tony Jaa's epic Parkour scene moment in Ong Bak an excellent chase sequence . He has Iko Uwais moment in raid in the Pre climax fight in the building. BUT THE BEST OF ALL is the climax fight. I was BLOWN AWAY. The one on one of tiger Shroff with Sudheer Raghav (excellent and evenly matched villain to tiger Shroff). The climax fight overwhelmed me when Raghav , the man behind the murder of his Great father, sees his father in front of him seeking a fitting revenge in the form of tiger Shroff. I am yet to see this type of masterly direction from great filmmakers let alone a sabbir khan. never ever expected him to deliver a film of this level. The film is consistently engaging in spite of songs. Tiger Shroff is awe- inspiring in action scenes and a total bad ass in the second half. loved it . He is sincere and earnest in romantic portions though goes OTT in one or two scenes before interval. Shardhha is good in her role. Raghav , the nemesis is supremely talented and a fitting match to tiger. But the greatest character in the film has to be Shifu Shaurya Bhardwaj. He is the Katappa of Baaghi. the man who choked me in the climax fight.