3.5 Very Good

BAAGHI - i have just seen the trailer of the movie , before writing this review..Its a 3 min long trailer , out of which 2mn and 30sc have been shown as action sequences . And rest just 30sc as romance.. The thing i was discussing about the trailer is how wrongly movies are promoted in India. From the beginning i had the information that BAAGHI is a remake of south film VARSHAM (dubbed in Hindi as Baarish The season of love in case you have seen it on cable) , starring Pravaas and Trisha..Which by itself is an average movie full of clichés. Its also a very old movie (2004) to remake with nothing in it. But when i saw the trailer it looked like a good mixture of VARSHAM and THE RAID REDEMPTION (an Indonesian action film and one of my very favorite). And i was very much expecting less of VARSHAM and more THE RAID as the trailer shows , but like i said the movie was wrongly promoted. More then half of the movie is romance which is very average with no emotional connection to it and some training sequences which are directly taken from many Chinese movies along with Karate Kid and even CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA. Like i said VARSHAM itself was a very average movie , and if a source material is average how can copy be good. The martial art storyline was new and was not in Varsham , and it definitely made the movie better then VARSHAM , but its not enough. Because there were not enough action to consider it as a full-time action film. And that RAID REDEMPTION thing , VILLAIN BEING ON THE TOP FLOOR OF THE BUILDING AND OUR HERO HAS TO CROSS ALL HIS ARMY IN EACH FLOOR OF THE BUILDING was too short.. Why RAID REDEMPTION is a great movie ? because , it gives us 1hr and 40mins of non stop action of the hero being defeating villain's army floor by floor.. But its just last 20mins in BAAGHI and that's it. Tiger shroff can surly fight..No doubt in it and he can dance , but he cant act , i mean not as much as required to be a successful hero.. I cant actually say how far he can go with his Action and Dancing skills. The emotional scenes are badly done by him. Also in action sequences he emoted badly. Every time the camera changes its angle Tiger changes his emotions..Its like he use to forget what his emotions were when he was shooting the same scene before the director says CUT to change the angle..And he just keep repeating the line ITNI JALDI KYA HEI , ABHI TO MEINE SHURU KIYA HEI same as he use to repeat SBKO AATI NHI , MERI JAATI NHI in HEROPANTI. It really irritates me. Same goes for Shradha , she keeps on repeating TU BAHUT AAGE JAEGA. She was so much under utilized. And so poorly characterised and so much average dialogues were given to her that she couldn't have done anything except not doing the film. I mean after relaunching her carrier with ASHIQUE 2 , this is the first time she has selected a movie which does nothing good to her. And don't get fool out of the fight scenes she is doing in the trailers. You will not get more then 5 mins of her fighting. Sunil Grover , whom i never dislike , plays Shradha's father , and didn't at all looked as much old as he had to look for that role. But he surly provide some good comedy with his character , but the same character has been done better in VARSHAM by PRAKASH RAJ. Cant say the same thing for Sanjay Mishra. He was too much over the top as Blind Cab Driver in Bangkok. Sudheer Bapuu as villain was OK , and can do better villainous roles if better opportunities are given. He also can fight well. You can ask how the action sequences are , i will say that they were good. Quite entertaining. But if you will look with more concentration then you will get flaws in it to. For example the training session for Ronny (Tiger) was for Kalaripayattu which is a martial art form of Kerala..But when he went to fight villains he was not using that particular art of fighting. He was doing the same thing he was doing in HEROPANTI. Apart from that a little more concentration and you can watch people falling around our hero without getting punch. But that's just me. You can watch it without such concentration.