1.5 Average

Direction is not impressive. Its a typical project. Fight, dance, under water song, comedy, sad songs, everything but all was remained in their mind. They fail to project or make you feel anything. Title is good but doesn't relate a bit with the content of film. If it starts raining when you meet with opposite gender person then it must be love, this is there sensibility about love when they try to give this film real touch. So, they stuffed marshal arts training center in story. If a film actress fight in film then she can fight in real life too. This is the understanding of character in their mind. Makers were completely confused that are they going to make some super hero or real flick. A blind person is driving taxi in Bangkok since years. Boy meets a girl in train and falls for her, villain sees her and falls for her too. Hero and Villain are being trained in same marshal arts school. So simple. Why does villain shifted to Bangkok not justified but makers have Bangkok locations in mind so story has to be shifted there. You know everything happening on screen. Not a single scene which has a bit of surprise for you. Girl father hurts himself and misguides his daughter about her boy friend that he had hit him. How can one take audience for so granted!? Even action scenes fail to create any thrill. Hero has to survive so he has to be shot near water stream even in pre climax, you are sure about his survival then all drama falls flat. Performance wise Tiger Shroff is good and excellent in dance and action but somehow strongly reminds of Hritik Roshan. Shradha Kapoor is just OK. Villain Sudheer Babu has stone face. Not a single expression except shrieking and fighting. That small boy is totally miscast. He creates irritation than required sympathy. His yeah, yeah is so boring. Sunil Grover as heroine father is wasted. He doesn't evoke a single laughter. Sanjay Mishra as blind taxi driver make you smile at his one liners at least.