The Garfield Movie (English) Movie


THE GARFIELD MOVIE is the story of an indoor cat’s crazy adventure. When Garfield (Chris Pratt) was a kitten, he was left abandoned by his father on the streets. He meets a kind-hearted lonely man, Jon (Nicholas Hoult), and they both instantly form a bond. Jon adopts Garfield (as per...

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REVEALED: The Garfield Movie has a Brahmastra and Ramayana connection

The animated flick The Garfield Movie is all set to release in India on Friday, May 17, a week…
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Varun Sharma does Hindi voiceover for Chris Pratt starrer The Garfield Movie, watch trailer

The wait is almost over, and the new Hindi trailer for The Garfield Movie is here to set the…
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Varun Sharma on lending his voice to Garfield in Hindi, “It allowed me to relive all the best of my childhood memories”

The world-famous lasagna-loving, Monday-hating indoor cat, Garfield, is hitting the big screens in…
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