3 Good

My first film watching experience of 2016 is Wazir, and sadly 2016 didn't start with a bang, it started with a meow. With names like Vidhu Vinod Chopra,Abhijat Joshi, and Bejoy Nambiar associated with Wazir,the expectations are sky high for the film,these are the same people behind Indian classics like Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots, PK, and Shaitan. Wazir was supposed to be a thriller,at least thats what we where lead to believe from the sleek trailer, is more of a drama with a thrillerish ending. Why the film failed at being a thriller was because of the predictability, and lazy writing. Why the film works is because of great acting by Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. Also because the film had some good emotional depth. But more in depth analysis later.

Wazir story wise is about the coming together of two wounded men, very different in age and temperament, for a mutual purpose. Both have suffered the death of there daughter.Danish Ali is recovering, with excruciating slowness, from a deeply personal tragedy his wife Ruhana is suffering too, in her own solitary corner. He meets up with the wheelchair-bound Pandit Omkarnath Dhar,and gets sucked into the latter's world, which is full of light and darkness, the contradictions arising from a painful past loss, and a present trying to come to terms with it. What happens in there game of chess forms the rest of the story.

Acting wise Farhan Akhtar gives a mature, and very well done restrained performance. Nothing felt fake in his act, you could see the emotional depth in his act. His action scenes are superb. Amitabh Bachchan steals the show like always as Panditji, he moves from the friendly chess player to the grieving,revenge stricken father like how a snake changes its skin. In the climax he becomes the true Wazir. Aditi Rao Hydari looks beautiful but doesn't get much scope to act. Manav Kaul, does well, and shows some good grey nuances in his act.

Wazir as a thriller didn't work for me the film was completely predictable, every twist I could see miles away. This is because of the lazy writing and very passé direction.The script and screenplay doesn't has too many loopholes, things are a bit to far fetched. For example how Panditji meets Danish at the funeral home, how they become friends so easily its all too convenient. Wazir however does boast of some good drama, and emotional depth. You feel for the characters, and the sadness they go through after there daughters death. The revenge seems justified and sweet. The films acting as stated before is also a big ace for the film. Coupled with some good action scenes, and some genuinely good music, and Wazir is an good watch. The film is also technically sound, with some good camera work, and nice frames to look at. Moreover with a runtime of 1hr 44 min one will not be left bored, as the films very fast moving. If only Wazir was as gripping, sleek, stylish, and taunt as shown in the films trailer.

Overall if you want to watch a passable thriller which really works because of the films drama, and great acting than watch Wazir. Its a one time watch for sure to see the amazing chemistry of Farhan and Mr. Bachchan, but I excepted more from Wazir.