4.5 Excellent


Taran needs to consider his resignation if he gives this movie a bad review. It was wonderful. The sets were amazing. The music was lilting and the story may have been cliched, but it was handled in such a way that that fact becomes irrelevant

Some answers to taran's questions:

Which part of the country is this straight-out-of-a-fairytale town located? And what era are we talking of? THE MOVIE IS IN RANIS MIND, SHE SAID SO AT THE BEGINNING. ITS A MYSTICAL ERETHRAL PLACE OF DREAMS. HOW COULD YOU FAIL TO SEE THIS TARAN?

Even if you subscribe to the theory that it was love at first sight for Salman and Sonam, what is it that keeps their romance going? MUTUAL LOVE. AN UNSPOKEN ATTRACTION. TARAN U HAVE PROBABLY SEEN THIS SO MANY TIMES, YET YOU FAIL TO NOTICE IT? STRANGE...

Why does Salman disappear suddenly? Besides his name, the girl knows nothing about him. Not his home/native place, work/profession/work place, relatives, nothing absolutely. It's like falling in love with a shadow, isn't it? SALMAN IS A CLERGY MAN, HE OBVIOUSLY HAS WORK RIGHT? ALSO YOU HAVE WITNESSED THIS LOVE MANY TIMES TARAN SO HOW COULD U FAIL AGAIN?

Why does Rani Mukerji abandon Ranbir, when he comes knocking on her doors and admits that he wants to spend time with her? Why does she lose her temper, although she secretly loves him? NOW THIS IS OBVIOUS....IF SOMEONE YOU LOVED THOUGHT OF YOU AS A REVENGE F**K, NOTHING BUT A WHORE, WOULDNT YOU DO WHAT RANI DID?

And Salman returns. The sequence that follows and the culmination to the story leave you completely disgruntled and perplexed! ITS A REAL ENDING. THATS HOW THE BOOK ENDS SO WHY SHOULDNT THE MOVIE? aFTER ALL SONAM KAPOOR IS ONLY HUMAN. ALSO THE ENDING CAN BE TERMED AS BITTERSWEET AS RANBIR GOES ON TO A BETTER LIFE.

As said before, the music is easy on the ears. My personal favourites were the title track, pari and masha allah. Chabeela was ok...but filmed well.

The sets cant be praised in mere words calling them outstanding would be an understatement.

Ranbir Kapoor gives a wonderful debut. He looks and suits his character to the hilt. Also he performs and emotes well, bringing a smile to your face.

Sonam Kapoor is good, however she suffers due to her weak characterization. She could give much more. Its not her fault. However she makes the most of what she has and comes up with a natural performance. She looks wonderful aswell.

Salman Khan is hardly there. Rani Mukerji is her normal brilliant self. She makes u hate and love her character. Zohra Sehgal makes you laugh. She is effective.

All in all, a masterpiece of a movie! Kudos to SLB