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Om Shanti Om

Ont of the famous Actress once said that only two thing can be sold in market of movies today SEX & SHAHRUKH KHAN... After that i heard on news channel the day before yesterday that OSO collected Approx. 90 cr from all over the world in just 4 -5 days .
And after watching this movies her Quotes seems to be True.
The movie is given so much unneccesery Hipe by which public was curious to watch the movie but according to me the failed to succeed in its own term , there are so much flaws in story that i was questionned marked in movie many times....
The Story moves around only one Guy OM (SRK) neglecting other characters of movit to highlight Like Shreyas Talpade, Arjun Rampal, Dipika ,

Its story of OM (SRk) who falls in love with No 1 actress of that time Shantipriya (Dipika), but she is already married to Producer Mukesh Mehara (Arjun) who is rich in fame & name , but they married secretly & one day Shanti asks Mukesh to marry her Officially since She is Pregnent , but Mukesh had Some different plan, He promises her but one day he takes her to Set of his new Bi budget movie ON SHANTI OM & sets the Set & Shanti on Fire ..This is watched by Om & he tries to save her as he did it earlier in movie but fails to do so & he is also Killed in Road Accident , the person who drove smashed the car OM is also a hero & he is taking his pregnent wife to Hospital for delivery & there as soon as Om dies she gave birth to A baby Boy & here story moves 30 yrs later to today scenario .. & then the story of Karz , Karan Arjun starts & now i don`t need to tell what could have happened....
On the whole Movie is controlled by SRK in Each & EVERY instance many time he overacted but he gave good performance . Dipika Shined in her remarkable performance. She is Outstanding & Superb , Her Eyes talks more than her mouth ..
The role she played of SHANTIPRIYA is awesome as she controlled her emotions well in that part but she didn`t had much to do in post interval.
Shreyas Talpade was neglected so do the Arjun Rampal, they had very little to do Since it was SRK home production, Kirron Kher was appropriate.
31 stars were asked to appear for one song but why?? there was no need , it just created Halla in Theatre unwantedly,
There are many flaws in story like why any one never told SANDY (double roll played by Dipika) that she looks like Famous Actress of oldies,
how come Shahrukh in Reborn came to know each & every thing that he said , he did in past janam , Story nvere handeled carefully otherwise Climax could`ve been better, even public used to know that the story is moving Like it moved in KARZ.
Moreover there was no need for SRK to flash his Body like SALMAN,, SRK is considered DECENT & CHARMING Hero in Bollywood , but still He flashed the body why??
But its okey , he can do anything since it was His Home Production, any thing goes....
All in all Fairly Good Movie.