4.5 Excellent

No One Killed Jessica

Dilli........kaat kaleja dilli is really groovy man.The first movie of 2011 will surely hit the theaters nd slap the system of India.NKOJ is perfect nd makes an audience for a decent watch.It is narrated nd Directed wel,Performances by Myer(Jessica)....nice,Rani(Meera)....awesome nd fuck u to watch it,Vidya(Savrina)......respectable nd the guy Rajesh Sharma(N.K.).....just one word"Majedaar"nd all are well.Cinematography is really watchable,Screeenplay nd Diologues r perfect nd the best that i enjoyed it,is the music by "Amit Trivedi".The songs like Dilli(Groovy) nd Aitbaar(give me a gossebumps nd its really hauntic track)nd the background score by Amit memorable for me.......hats off to Amit Trivedi nd Rajkumar Gupta for making a nice film.....so guys leave everything ndgo for it!!!!!!!