4.5 Excellent

No One Killed Jessica

Guns were never intended to become an instrument of violence; the intent was to equip mankind with an instrument of self and national defense. So when a gun is used for spreading violence, it is unfair to blame the weapon; rather it’s the wrong utilization of this weapon which is actually to be blamed. Similarly, there are so many innovations / inventions / mechanisms in this world which were developed with noble intents but later on due to falling into careless hands and evil minds started affecting the society in a very negative manner. The supreme example of such a paradox is the utilization of the powerful medium of “Media”.
Over the years, we have seen that media is blamed (and quite rightfully so) for spreading negative influence among the masses and for becoming a tool to blackmail and take advantage of people and situations. But this negative usage does not and cannot negate the power of Media. If used wisely and for the betterment of the world, it can yield amazing and unbelievably positive outcomes.
In the era when everyone is highlighting the negative impact of media and the cold hearted attitude of the common people, one man comes out and portrays media’s immense positive potential. The man is the highly talented director named Raj Kumar Gupta who takes a very significant chapter out of the recent Indian chronology and utilizes it wonderfully in order to tell us that people, if brought together, can cause miracles to happen and one of the best ways to bring people together is the positive utilization of the power of media.
I have written such a long prologue, as I have just returned after watching Gupta’s latest masterpiece “No One Killed Jessica” and I am highly elated after the experience. In a nutshell, the magnificence of this movie is only because of the director’s genius and panache. I have numerous reasons to stand up and salute Mr. Gupta…
• People of India might be aware of the events that unfolded after that dreaded night in 1999 which changed the lives of the “Laal” family. But the rest of the world, including this reviewer was not aware of the details of the tragic incident and the amazing efforts made down the years by the media and the people to ensure the reversal of such a brutal injustice. Form the bottom of my heart, I thank Mr. Gupta to bring this incident in front of the whole world and that too in such an inspiring and cinematically brilliant manner.
• With a subject that could turn out to be a grim viewing experience, Mr. Gupta has made sure that this is not the case. What unfolds on the screen is extremely gripping and engrossing experience which satisfies the emotional and cinematic needs of the audience. I don’t know how much fiction has he mixed up with the facts, but it doesn’t seem to distract the viewer from the honesty and the intensity of the incident.
• I salute Mr. Gupta for making the perfect casting decisions and for extracting such outstanding performances not only from the lead ladies, but also from the supporting cast. (a bit more on performances later)
• I also salute him for giving us a movie which does not have even a single dull moment. Right from the brilliantly executed starting credits to the last scene of the movie, the narrative stays totally committed to the plot and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You experience a vast variety of emotions…
o The realistically shot murder scene make you quench with pity for the victim and hatred for the criminal.
o The outstanding scenes in the court room make you feel depressed and heartbroken.
o The scenes involving the family’s grief actually make you feel their pain.
o The exquisitely shot candle light sequence elates your heart to a height where your feelings transform into moisture of your eyes.
o The last scene of the movie (in the graveyard) makes you feel immense satisfaction of watching the justice being served.
• I salute Mr. Gupta for making the best use of beautiful tunes by Amit Trivedi in a movie which didn’t have much scope for the movie. The deeply meaning lyrics and perfect placement of songs significantly increase the impact of the narrative. Especially “Aitebar” and “Dua” are probably two of the most powerfully executed songs I have seen in quite some time. Both of these songs are magnificently executed and the events unfolding during them are just breathtaking.
• Last but not the least, I salute Mr. Gupta for bringing in highly talented technician who lend technical finesse in every department of the film. From editing to cinematography; from background score to lighting, everything is just too good.
Any negatives? No sir, I don’t think so. You might say that the movie should been a bit shorter, but I don’t mind it all. All the extra ten or fifteen minutes did for me was to stretch the wonderful experience by that much time.
Now a few words about performances…
• Both, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherji are absolutely brilliant in their respective roles. We know that both of them are supremely talented and they meet each and every bit of excellence expected from them. Vidya is highly elegant and Rani is endearingly full of life. Both of them look gorgeous (both have shed significant weight). Both of them have complemented each other quite promisingly but might turn out to be each other’s competitors when it comes to decide the best female actress of the year. Absolutely wonderful performances.
• The almost unknown supporting cast members are amazingly wonderful. Each and every actor has done a fantastic job. A special mention to the actors playing roles of Jessica (Myra Khan) Vikram (Neil Bhoopalam) and the Police inspector who takes doesn’t have the courage to fight but has very noble intentions.
I know I have written an unusually long review for the movie, but I just can’t stop praising it and after saying so much I still feel that I haven’t said enough. In the end, this is definitely one of the best movie watching experience I have had in so many years. The movie narrates an episode of battle between justice and injustice and in its own capacity it does complete justice to the audience who has spent time and money to watch it. This is one of those films which simply cannot be missed.