5 Excellent

No One Killed Jessica

Brilliant performances, excellent screenplay, hard hitting message, in short everything about this movie is awesome. As the name suggests, this movie is about the real life tragic incident which occured in Delhi more than a decade ago. The subject has been handled quite dextrously. Both Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan have given career best performances. Although there are some abusive expletives in between the dialogues but then these were the requirement of script while keeping in mind the nature of the characters. This movie is an eye opener for all the responsible and law abiding citizens of this country to fight unitedly, tooth n nail and conclusively against the rotten system and corruption which is widely prevelant at levels of the government's working. Infact this movie is a befitting reply to all those who consider themselves above the law of land. May the Justice prevail... Satyamev Jayate.