5 Excellent


One has to watch this Movie to judge it! What is it that we want to see... If this same movie was a Hollywood movie.. everyone would have loved it cause of its action, screenplay etc... Watch the english version if you dont want to watch the songs... worth it!! I personally loved the hindi version as the songs are beautiful and not out of place at all!

Well... an awesome movie based on all the above plus an awesome actor (Hrithik)! He rocks!

What is everyone complaining about?? There was not one loose end in this movie! The screenplay was so beautifully done... Everything falls into place from the begining to the end... The way the story unfolds is awesome... Right upto the climax!

Go watch it.... to believe it!

All actors were great.... But of course apart from Hrithik... Barbara Mori was beautiful with her expressions... As that was the language she spoke in.