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Kabul Express

Just saw Kabul Express at the World Premiere (or was it?) at Toronto International Film Festival with the Director-Kabir Khan and actors John Abraham and Arshad Warsi.

The movie starts out nicely but doesn't seem believable from the start. Some of the antics of both John and Arshad don't really help in portraying it as a serious film. Arshad and John are two indian journalists who come here hoping to interview the Taliban and take help of an Afghan; who becomes their guide and driver helping in seeking out the Taliban. They are on their way to talk to a Taliban who is being held in custody by some Afghans but soon a gun fight erupts and the Talib bolts. They meet up with an American journalist working with Reuters. Later they are taken captive in their jeep by the Talib that they had gone to interview. There are some light hearted moments in the car. The one about Kapil Dev and Imran Khan is tastefully done.

However, the film doesn't delve deeper. There are a few attempts by the director but it all fails. It is an sub par film. No songs or dances in this one. The only good part for me was seeing the landscape of Afghanistan. But even there the cinematographer falls short of being outstanding. I wish they had hired the same cinematographer who picturised those amazing Ladakh scenes in Lakshya.

Overalll a sub par film that tries hard to sustain your interest throughout the film but fails at doing so. In the end you leave feeling a sort of a void. I had expected better.