1.5 Average

yup..i also dnt agree with taran..first i think lara's acting was far far better than preity...preity's character was ok..any other actress would hav done it d same way..nthng spl,even in tht dance comp it looks as if shes forcin herself to dance,it looks as shes jst countin 1 2 3..n doin steps..i dnt no wat happened to her...but lara's role was bold..nd the way she carries it..very good..shes on a rite track nw...spl her semi french accent was amazing..i love it..yup abhishek n bobby were also gud..nd amitabh..i dnt no wat's hes doin in this movie..useless..too much of songs...sumtimes in movie it seems as sum stage show is goin on...not a good movie...i had seen here in sydney...as i think complete wastage of my dollars...nthng spl...nd it btw it seems as they r jst draggin the script..they are not havin any story line...if the YASH RAJ BANNER it keep on makin this kind of movies,then surely they hav to change their banner's name.,it wnt longer be RAJ anymore,if they continue the same trend...not good at all..!!!