5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

This is the first word that came out after watching this movie. The movie is excellent for many reasons such as: -
1)Hrithik-Aishwarya pair shown so nicely for the fist time. They really look like MADE FOR EACH OTHER; as both have green eyes, almost equal height. It’s nice to see. I was waiting to see this pair on screen from quite a long time, as I liked them in their first ever commercial together of Coke almost 5 years back, but Hrithik was looking less confident at that time than today.
2)Aishwarya has done the role, which she should have done much early stage of her career to stay in the race. But I think no Banner other than Yashraj films could have dared to offer such role (with such dresses & scenes) to her. Thanks to Yashraj films.
3)The movie is technically perfect in terms of its editing, background music, actions; Hrithik’s escape sequences everything is as per the expectation.
4)Hrithik gives complete justice to the role of ‘Aaryan’ with his strong muscles, great dancing & energy, which is really original. Many times, he looks like a Hollywood star specially after watching this movie.
5)The director has handled this sequel also very nicely by showing one Love Story in this part. ‘It is difficult to repeat the Success’, but Sanjay Gadhvi has done it. The young look of the movie starts from its posters, which shows you Aishwarya like never before, Cool Hrithik, Strong Abhishek & also Uday & Bipasha as attachment through out the movie for their ‘Physique Show’.

In this Dhoom, you will not see the usual Bike-Racing; instead the focus is more on smartness of ‘Aaryan’ (Hrithik) & his attraction of collecting all Antique things in the world (including Aishwarya Rai).
Some questions still come in my mind after watching this movie that: -
1)How many ‘Bullets’ can one gun have?
2)Why Abhishek can hit 5 people at a time with single gun & not those 5 can hit Abhishek with 5 different guns? (Starting Scene).
3)Why don’t Abhishek Shave daily? Or alternate days or at least weekly?
4)Where is the ‘Police Uniform’?
5)If Hrithik is so much intelligent, how & why does he come to this line?
6)Why so much English is used between the songs?

But after all, it’s a ‘GENERATION-NEXT’ movie, so we don’t mind it at all & enjoy it.

It’s a DHOOM TIME AGAIN all over India & Overseas also one more time.

Do watch it.
My Rating- ***** (The Perfect Entertainer)
What about you??????