4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 lives up to and exceeds all expectations. The wonderful plot and dynamic action make it a must-see film of 2006.

The story begins with Aryan (Mr. A)[Hrithik Roshan], a thief who is excellent at his job. Stealing crown jewels, gold, diamonds or anything that has worth, he eludes one very smart cop - ACP Jai Dixit [Abishek Bachchan].

Calling on the help of Shonali Bose [Bipasha Basu], Jai and "Sho" work hand in hand to decipher and reveal Mr. A. Aided by the trustworthy Ali [Uday Chopra], Jai and "Sho" finally get a brekthrough - but Mr. A is one step ahead of them.

While stealing his next item, another thief comes along - she is none other than Aishwarya Rai. Seeing her skills. Aryan enlists her as one of his own and sets about doing caper after caper with her at his side.

But little does he know that she is actually sent by Jai...

Great Music (especiallty Touch Me and Dhoom Again), a master plot, superb action and witty dialogue makes Dhoom 2 a winner.

Dhoom Machchale, AGAIN!