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“I like to cook exotic cuisines” – Bipasha Basu

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Bipasha Basu

She is someone who is a rare combination of beauty and brains. Having acted in films such as Raaz, Jism, Ajnabee, Dhoom 2, Corporate and many more, her fan following is enormous. She is none other than Bipasha Basu.

Bips was recently on Bollywood Hungama's live video chat where she spoke about her latest film Aakrosh and her future projects. For all those who missed this fun-filled session, here are the excerpts:

Bipasha Basu : Hi guys nice chatting with you all

Bipasha Basu : do watch aakrosh guys

Bipasha Basu : shoot...bring on the qtns

aveen : hi bipasha

Bipasha Basu : hi saveen

Bipasha Basu : whats happening

aveenjealal : do u like high heeled shoes?

Bipasha Basu : no i am not such a big fan of high heeled shoes unless its for a very brief time just for evening wear. I am more like a sneaker girl

AnishaLoveBipasha : Hiiiiiiii Bipasha I am Anisha !!! Huge fan of yours I will be happy If you reply me

Bipasha Basu : Hi Anisha...always happy to see ur tweets and i happy to be chatting with u right now

DRAVISH RAMANAH : I have been waiting for your film MR FRAUD since so long. When will it release?

Bipasha Basu : Dravish...u will be waiting forever becos its not going to release

Bipasha Basu : I am a new Chef. i like to cook exotic cuisines. I don't like the regular stuff. I am a good Thai cook and i have tried some Kerala dishes too

Towhid : hayyy bipasha whts ur fav colour ?

Bipasha Basu : Towhid...well I love White, Red and Black. I used to like pink earlier but i think i have outgrown it

aveenjealal : do u like cooking?

Bipasha Basu : aveen... i am a new Chef. i like to cook exotic cuisines. i dont like the regular stuff. I am a good Thai cook and i have tried some Kerala dishes too.

arasu : wat s ur recent project

Bipasha Basu : arasu...Well I have just signed a new film called Players to be directed by Abbas Mustan and I start next month. Aakrosh is releasing on the 15th of Oct...been busy with that

Bipasha Basu : I have just signed a new film called Players to be directed by Abbas Mustan

Jasmien : hey bipasha when are u comming to amsterdam?

Bipasha Basu : is a super party place. wish i could leave right now for amsterdam.

ishan : hi bips who is ur favorite singer?

Bipasha Basu : ishan...i like Atif Aslam and Nickelback

kunal : how s ur role in aakrosh movie?

Bipasha Basu : character Geeta is a girl who is stuck in circumstances and in a bad marriage. She could not marry the one she loves becos he happened to be from the lower caste. For once I am playing a very vulnerable role.

Bipasha Basu : my character Geeta is a girl who is stuck in circumstances and in a bad marriage. For once I am playing a very vulnerable role

Ookie : Hi Bipasha how are you? How was your day today?

Bipasha Basu : ookie...well the day has been lovely...trying to talk to people and chat with them...but its been nice and good fun till now


DRAVISH RAMANAH : The yellow suit looked great on yu

Bipasha Basu : dravish..ya the being human show was a super fun show. 8 actresses , 1 actor dont really get to meet all the people in the fraternity as i dont socialise much besides work so it was a fun night out

Bipasha Basu

Riarra : Hey Bipasha Didi ! Loadsa love from Singaporee ! Reply me pleaseeeeeeeee (;

Bipasha Basu : Lots of love to u riarre and to everyone in singapore

radhiah94 : shout out to your mlaysian fans please

Bipasha Basu : malaysia...truly asia

Laila : You are sooo do you keep so fit

Bipasha Basu : laila...the idea is to luv take time out for ur health and once u have decided to do that, the looking good is always a bonus

birkingurl : hey bipasha.. religious follower of your luvurself video just wanted to thank you

Bipasha Basu : BB Love Yourself - Fit and Fabulous you has found many religious followers which makes me very happy and proud as people are benefitting from it. Second routine is round the corner, planning to release by Jan...working really hard on it, trying to make a routine which will get everyone moving...even the men.

TinaLovesBips : Bipashaa I love u im a hug fan frm germany are u planing to came there ?

Bipasha Basu : tinaloves bips...i wish i could speak a little german...i am jealous of John as he speaks fluent German

aveenjealal : do u love flowers?

Bipasha Basu : i love flowers and my fav flower is carnation and lilies

Bipasha Basu : i love flowers and my fav flower is carnation and lilies

jatin chopra : hi bipasah i am jatin from jalandhar iam ur big fan

Bipasha Basu : hi jatin from jalandhar

Saveen : hey just wanted to say just luv ur work and ur really very pretty

Bipasha Basu : thank you saveen.

esha_001 : wat is ya plan for ds durga puja?????

Bipasha Basu : esha...the idea is to surprise my mum on her bday this 16th oct...nobomi...hopefully mom is not on this chat

aveenjealal : what qualities u like the most in boys?

Bipasha Basu : aveenjealal..i like boys with a good sense of humour, intelligence and the looks also help

Bipasha Basu : i like boys with a good sense of humor, intelligence and the looks also help

Nishalini : did you like the movie Robo?

Bipasha Basu : Nishalini...i havent seen robot yet...i wanted to see Robot but i landed up for a tamil show

Alina : Bipasha IN RUSSIA love you!

Bipasha Basu : i am coming to russia alina for my film players so make sure u meet me...St Petersburg

Bipasha Basu

birkingurl : Hey bipahsa, when are u coming back to Sri Lanka?

Bipasha Basu : actually i got an offer today for a film which is gonna be shot in sri lanka...very excited

Bipasha_Trisha : Dii Do you believe in astrologers?????

Bipasha Basu : no trisha...i believe in carving my own destiny and to know the future is not exciting

Keyur : Which is your favorite film in which you acted????

Bipasha Basu : Keyur...too many...I like Corporate, Lamhaa, dhoom 2, race, raaz, and jism the most

Chameli : Bips, when you coming to Poland, we miss u so much !

Bipasha Basu : dad has been to Poland and he tells me lots of stories. He had lots of Polish friends and i hope to visit soon too.

TinaLovesBips : thanks for the chat today ! I love u greets frm germany

Bipasha Basu : danke tina

Sheetal : What is your favourite holiday destination?

Bipasha Basu : sheetal...Paris, Goa

Bipasha Basu : towhid...well i love thrillers, action, comedies. Well i have to say that i am from the entertainment business so I love them all...sometimes horror also

bipashafevervivek : hey y hvnt u signd any movie aftr dum maro dum

Bipasha Basu : just signed my dear friend

aveenjealal : do u think Paris is the most romantic place in the world?

Bipasha Basu : aveen..yes ...its dangerous to go there as u might fall in love again and again

Towhid : wht type of cloths do u like 2 wear the most indian or western ??

Bipasha Basu : towhid...i like western clothes as they are easier to wear. If Indian clothes were easier to wear i would wear them more often (more of a comfort person)

Niraj : bipasha ji,u started with bold characters & suddenly changed to serious.was it intentional?

Bipasha Basu : i chose my films on gut and i enjoy all the roles that i play

Nawel : Bipasha, your name has a meaning ?

Bipasha Basu : Nawel...yes my name means deep dark desire.

Bipasha Basu : my name means deep dark desire

shida : hello bipasha,well i guess im the first one to is poshto??

Bipasha Basu : shida...oh poshto is a naughty child...he is extremely adorable. I really feel that everyone should have a pet if you can look after them as it takes a lot of time.

jyotsna : till now which part of ur lyf was d best!??

Bipasha Basu : jyotsna...i want to live till 100...i want to lead a very long life and each year is going to be equally enjoyable.

Labiba : Bips who is yoir favourite co-actor?

Bipasha Basu : Labiba...i like Ranbir, Ajay Devgn, my first costars Akshay and Bobby, John etc

Bipasha Basu

Gauri : Bipasha we didnt get our kiss

Bipasha Basu : how many kisses do u folks want

Kunalarora : what u think about JOnhn role in Jhoota hi sahi

Bipasha Basu : kunalarora...i dunt knw...u guys tell me how do u like his look. girls and boys pls give me opinions and ill tell him tonite.

ram032 : hey bipasha wen ru gng to marry john

Bipasha Basu : ram...dont have the date yet..will let u guys know when its decided.

Gauri : as many as we can get...

Bipasha Basu : ha ha ha...greedy poos....

francesca : Bipasha, your real beauty comes from heart. may your humility and love for people be your strength!

Bipasha Basu : how sweet francesca...thank you

preeti : Hey my sweetiepie angel bipasha.Happy durga puja to u.m priti frm Amravati,hope u remember me.

Bipasha Basu : preeti i love you...hope all is well in Amravati and at home...say hi to hubby.

pappu : Bips can u say a lil Hi to ur UK fans?

Bipasha Basu : pappu...hi UK fans

vsag213 : tell me frankly dont you think movie like robot are killing our cinema of good movies like aakrosh

Bipasha Basu : no there is place for all kinds of cinema and thats what the entertainment business is all about.

Sheetal : Australians love you!! Do visit sometime, have you been down under???

Bipasha Basu : Sheetal....yes this January me and John went for a 20 day holiday to Australia and we loved it. Most probable Ill be shooting a film in Australia in the next 10 days.

Zamairah13 : How was it working with Akshaye Khanna in Race? Would u love to work with him again??

Bipasha Basu : zamairah...u never knw...we might surprise u : i can not hear you? You looking gorgeous in black dress

Bipasha Basu : how sweet...its a video audio

Towhid : bipasha wht type of music do u like 2 listen the most ????

Bipasha Basu : towhid...i like House and i like Sufi and Soft Rock.

rishi : when is dum maro dum going to release bips???

Bipasha Basu : rishi...april 2011.

garvit : bipasha, what shud b the first thing u notice in a man???

Bipasha Basu : garvit...face

Bipasha Basu

barkha : would you like to work with madhur bhandarkar ???

Bipasha Basu : barkha...yes would love to work again with him

jfdnadkjvnfakjngvf : hey i am from uganda i am a big fan of yours

Bipasha Basu : hi to everyone in Uganda

Parthesh : Are you planning to do any offbeat flick in coming time?

Bipasha Basu : no more offbeat for like next 6 months at least

Bipasha Basu : no more offbeat for like next 6 months at least

sidzzz : who is ur best friend in industry

Bipasha Basu : John Abraham

tomboy : what are the various roles you would like to do ?

Bipasha Basu : right now it will be action and maybe a period film

Towhid : will we c u in films with SRK n salman ????

Bipasha Basu : Towhid...pls ask SRK and Salman

illusions : you look just like my girlfriend.... iwish

Bipasha Basu : u r funny illusions

TinaLovesBips : whts ur fav. place to stay ?

Bipasha Basu : Home

Bipasha Basu : and actually Luxury Hotels

shalini : i m really happy to see u in front of me thanx bips for giving this opportunity

mehrrr : Omg! i see you!!

Bipasha Basu : thank you all for chatting with me

DRAVISH RAMANAH : Will you like to work with Mahesh Bhatt sir & Pooja again ? Raaz & Jism were great !!!

Bipasha Basu : dravish...yes hopefully soon

Bipasha Basu

Nawel : OMG ! You are so beautiful ! Better to see you in chat than a in film

Bipasha Basu : oh how swet nawel...thank you

manu20 : hey bips its manpreet from London

Bipasha Basu : yo manpreet

birkingurl : hey bipasha, what is your next step for fitness ? lyk the video u did?

Bipasha Basu : 2nd fitness video coming up by Jan...this one is for men and women both this time

shwet : Hello Bipasha Mam it Was really good To see U n Salman Sir Together Really Happy U rocked d show

Bipasha Basu : thank you so much shwet

MOSES SAPIR-ISRAEL : You have a lot of fans who are not Indians in Israel ... You want to say them something

Bipasha Basu : hello to all my Israeli friends

Rohan : hey bipasha plzz wave in the camera for me once plzzz....

Bipasha Basu : there u go rohan

Labiba : Bipasha di u have crazy fans in Bangladesh!! we love u all! im 12 years old but saw all ur movies!

Bipasha Basu : how sweet Labiba...u study also na???

aziz chikhly : which is your favourite hollywood actor ??

Bipasha Basu : aziz...Brad Pitt

preeti : what about small cities like Amravati angel..y dont u come here smetimes...really wish to meet u...

Bipasha Basu : when i come to Amravati i will come and stay with u preeti...u have to give me nice food.

gouti : durin durga puja ..kolkata is best place in asia

Bipasha Basu : yes it is gouti..there is no doubt abt it

mumbai-mulund : What does a healthy snack do for your health

Bipasha Basu : it keeps u healthy

hemniz : hi thanks for being here well wish u good luck for the future

Bipasha Basu : thank you

Sonal : what advice would you give to a teenage girl who wants to burn her belly fats??

Bipasha Basu : right, work out, stay away from vices and understand that there is no shortcut to a fit body.

priya64 : u have work with ajay so many times which movie together had been the best experience??

Bipasha Basu : priya64...All The Best

Towhid : Any style tips 4 boys u would love 2 give ??

Bipasha Basu : Towhid...less is more. Boys should look like boys and not
put so much effort in styling, but should put effort in hygiene

Bipasha Basu

aveenjealal : i had exams today and i worked really very well, wish me luck for my other exams Bips!!

Bipasha Basu : all the best aveen

Mehran : any plans for dubai trip??

Bipasha Basu : Mehran...i love Dubai becos I shop till i drop

hajoura : hi always see u a strong woman and confident how do u keep urself like that

Bipasha Basu : hajoura...upbringing, self confidence and just being content.

preeteee : R u a jealous girlfriend, John is sooooo u r

Bipasha Basu : i know my boyfriends hot and so am I

Bipasha Basu : not jealous at all

luckyboy : being sexy anytime hav been a problm for u?

Bipasha Basu : no luckyboy its very impt to have sex appeal for evry human to be attractive.

Bipasha Basu : no luckyboy its very impt to have sex appeal for evry human to be attractive

Gurmeet : If you had to choose an actor back from the 40s to 60s..who wud u choose?

Bipasha Basu : Gurmeet...Clint Eastwood

Zamairah13 : Do u think Aakrosh will work? If yes, why??

Bipasha Basu : zamairah..i cant make any predictions...i just hope that it does

priya64 : u were recently in bangkok with john while he was shooting an ad.. how did u find the place???

Bipasha Basu : priya...i love it...again its a shopping haven...and also great place for food...bought a lot of Thai ingredients for my cooking experiments.

diiya sakura : didi..didi..didi..did u get my msges...

Bipasha Basu : yes yes yes diiya

francesca : Bipasha, kisses from Italy! love you since Ajnabee. you and Ajay are AMAZING!

Bipasha Basu : francesca...we all love ajay

wasimis : hi bipasha..pls look in the web cam..n say hi

Bipasha Basu

Towhid : wht actress would u love 2 work with the most ???

Bipasha Basu : all of them towhid...depends on the script.

Rohan : hey do like pizzas??

Bipasha Basu : I like Pizzas rohan but i dont eat them much

Towhid : will we ever c u in a film with SRK n aamir ????

Anbezhil : wat do u think abt the victory of india against australia

guddu : what are your hobbies bips dee

Bipasha Basu : guddu...trying out diff work out routines, reading, cooking

Jonaid B T Mohamed : what do i have to do just to see you in person..

Bipasha Basu : Jonaid...come home.

Jasmien : When are you planning to make a tour in Europe

Bipasha Basu : ok will plan a bali holiday

saraj : are you workout videos avail in USA? have been looking for a while

Bipasha Basu : saraj...they are available worldwide...

Bipasha Basu : btw my fitness video is available on

Hardik Appa : hi bipasha happy Durga Festival to you...

Bipasha Basu : thank you hardik

LoveBips : Bipasha have you ever seen your look alikes? I know a girl who is looking just like you.

Bipasha Basu : pls send her details to me.. LoveBips...i definitely need a clone sometimes.

aveenjealal : do u believe in religions?

Bipasha Basu : i am not too religious.

Bipasha Basu : i am not too religious

Gurmeet : Can boys to the fit and fabulous cd?

Bipasha Basu : yes they can Gurmeet

shahrzad : bipasha in my country you have many fans.speaking to you was just a dream. a sweet dream

Bipasha Basu : which country shahrzad

shalini : ur dimples r so cute

Bipasha Basu : thank you shalini

kunal : n thanks a lot 4 making a 2nd dvd love urself 4 men!!!

Bipasha Basu : ur welcome kunal...many more to come.

Labiba : Bipasha Can i get a small hi from you please..i was all day waiting for you!

Bipasha Basu : hi labiba...big hi for u

Towhid : Did u always wanted 2 b n actress or somethinbg else in life ???

Bipasha Basu : Towhid...i wanted to be a doctor.

Mehran : one quick ques.. do u regret of anythng in life??

Bipasha Basu :

preeti : Hey god u r looking sooo pritty.sweets wud love to hv diet tips frm u in ur new DVD

Bipasha Basu : for sure preeti...planning that already

Bipasha Basu : no i lead a very normal life...its just that my profession is a bit glamorous

Aziz chikhly : which one u prefer indian culture or western

Bipasha Basu : Indian culture

priya64 : where can we buy ur DVDs online? are they sold on ur website?

DRAVISH RAMANAH : Where can I find your fitness video in Mauritius?

Bipasha Basu : guys just chk online on

Bipasha Basu

AnishaLoveBipasha : a QN specially in bengalii ! tumi kemon acho ? need an answer Please

Bipasha Basu : Aami Khoob Bhalo...tumi?

camellia : i am a big fan of both u and john.nd wish dat one day you both get to both

Bipasha Basu : thank you for all ur kind words

Jonaid B T Mohamed : do you miss your normal life being an actor?

Bipasha Basu : no i lead a very normal life...its just that my profession is a bit glamorous.

Bipasha Basu : Till the next time...Catch you guys soon...Thank you for all the love and wishes...Till then Love Yourself...Bipasha.

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