3 Good

What’s Your Raashee?

Well I saw the movie on 24th in Dubai as it releases here early.The movie is OK as the concept is new and nice and well presented with a decent climax.Ashutosh had many expectations and to a certain extent he has met them too.some scenes are evident with his wonderful direction talent.he as always been a great film maker in the recent past but he forgot to take RAHMAN as the music director this time.This may cost him badly as there are 13 NON RAHMAN songs which can irritate you .Only the 2-3 songs that are shown in the promos are such that you can carry along with you once you return home.The 3.5 hours length can also be an issue for the young audience who prefer the hot scenes and fun or action films these days.This movie is strictly for a family audience who just wants to relax for 3.5 hours for fun and entertainment.Harman Baweja is an average actor as he tried to imitate hrithik roshan in many scenes.he must growp up soon and try something of his own.Priyanka chopra has done well in all 12 roles and no complaints about her.the comic scenes are really well portrayed and they bring a smile on your face for sure.This is mainly because its all about the gujrathi community and the way of dressing and talking or walking is well acted.The new villan whom I saw first time has done a really good job.rest all are fine .I would suggest only a typical family film lover to go for the movie as the concept is new and a few audience may get attracted to the cinema halls due to the name of Ashutosh attached with the movie. I would give a generous 3 out of 5.