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What’s Your Raashee?

"I watch English movies."

"Oh.. English movies... So, who's your favourite actor?"


"Oh.. Tom Cruise?"

"Nahi.. Tom and Zerry...." and then she chuckles as if an ass is braying.

Watched 'What's Your Raashee?' today. First day, First show. It was a long movie: 3 and a half hours. Very few movies can actually hold audience interest for so long. Unfortunately, WTR is not one of those types. The movie should have been of a shorter duration.

Speaking about the movie review, i'd say that the movie would have been good if there weren't any songs in it. You start feeling weary as you watch a song for every other Rashee's girl. To add to it, i din't like any of the songs very much except for 'Chehre jo dekhe hain....' It should have had been the only song to be shown in the movie.
What i liked about the film was its concept. The story was nice. Many scenes were funny. Some of the dialogues were really good. Like when Harman reads the book 'What's your rashee?', he says "12 rashiyaan? Matlab ladkiyan 12 tarah ki hoti hain?"
What i did not like about the movie was the duration and the songs. Whenever the audience starts feeling that the movie is good, a bore song enters and spoils that very feeling. At the cinema hall where i saw the movie, audience actually clapped when there was an intermission. Also, whenever a song got over, you feel like "Thank God!"

Speaking about the actors, Harman has done a good job. He plays the role of a wannabe groom very well. The only problem is that he reminds us of Hrithik. In one of the songs where the Pisces-girl imagines Harman as her love of last incarnation, Harman looks exactly like Hrithik. For one second i was like "Abey! Hrithik..!" Another glitch i found was his life at Chicago is shown way too perfect. He is at a good US university, has a good job and is also a DJ. Thoda zyada perfect nahi ho gaya? Priyanka Chopra has done a really good job. She has very efficiently played the role(s). She was brilliant when she played the Aries-girl... yes yes.. the one whose favourite actor was Tom. Although with some roles she does not seem so good. Her childish acts as the Taurus-girl are more irritating rather than being convincing. Till the end, you find it difficult to differentiate all the girls from one another.

Overall, the movie is a one-time watch, that too at home... so that you could fast-forward the boring parts.