3 Good

Wake Up Sid

WAKE UP SID is a simple story of a lazy, aimless and unmotivated slacker from mumbai and a highly motivated girl who want to be a self dependent writer coming from kolkata.
you cant see anything new in this movie as everything is predictable but gud direction by debudant director Ayen Mukherjee.
it wll memorise u to your partying days, night out and chatting days with frnds, coll bunking days,disco and all other masti days.it also recalls those yrs when you are completely clueless and aimless abt vocation you want to pursue once you graduated.
summarizing all tht it is a 2hr long movie from a debudant dir.predictable story, gud music by trio shankar-ehsaan-loy.konkana is superab again in a serios role lookin like now its effortless for her. Ranbir kapoor do justice with his role.