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Tell Me O Kkhuda Music Review



It was a surprise when I eventually caught hold of the music CD of Tell Me O Kkhuda. Reason being that for a film which has been in the making for two years and now has been eventually released, the music hit the stands almost around the same time. Though one would have expected some good promotion around the film's music, especially since Salman Khan has done a guest appearance in one of the songs, none of that really happened despite Pritam on board with a few other composers contributing as well. Mayur Puri, who was the original director of the film, writes the lyrics.


Abhijeet Hegde Patil is the guest composer for 'Someone Somebody' which is the opening track of the album and pretty much establishes the theme of the film which is about a girl searching for her father. Having said that the song is well camouflaged as a romantic number where Sunidhi Chauhan could well have been singing for her lover in some unknown part of the world. A good tune which actually comes quite close to Pritam's style of composition (and hence makes one wonder how did Abhijeet come into picture), it also has a 'remix version' to boast of which has Anushka Manchanda coming behind the mike. Though it is this version which has been promoted all this while as the Salman Khan track, one would like to go back to the original number any time due to the inherent innocence and simplicity it comes with.

It is time for some Rajasthani folk with 'Mera Man Jabse Racha Hai Sawariya' coming next. Thankfully it doesn't get into 'Kesariya Balam' mode, something that most Bollywood tracks are culprit of venturing into the moment protagonists step into the desert land. In case of 'Mera Man' though Pritam sets the mood with a folkish setting, only to allow Shweta Pandit to do her job behind the mike and let her take forward the proceedings. An out and out Indian track that yet again sounds quite pleasant on ear and adds on to the situational appeal, 'Mera Man' is pleasant enough to make one wonder why was the album not promoted at all.

George Theofanous is the guest composer for 'Mile Na Tu' which brings back Sunidhi Chauhan behind the mike. A song set in a Western mode that has a child-like mood to it and yet again carries a strong Pritam stamp, 'Mile Na Tu' with Anupam Amod as the co-singer is urban and contemporary with the kind of sound that the composer is known for. Though it isn't quite the kind that has chartbuster written all over it, 'Mile Na' still has good enough pace and rhythm to it that allows the music of Tell Me O Kkhuda to engage you to a fair degree at the least.

The next song though has Pritam's name on the credits with Shreya Ghoshal as the singer. A soft love song which is pretty much in synch with what one has heard of the album so far, 'Nagma Koi Gungunane Ka' makes for a decent hear. Easy on ears and belonging to the kind of sensibilities that Pritam comes with when given a free hand to compose a love song, 'Nagma... ' adds on to the rest of the album and helps one connect to the protagonist further.

Aditi Banerjee and Anupam Amod come together for Pritam composed 'Love You Dad' which is an out and out situational track where a young woman is missing her dad and hoping that she would be able to see him one day. On the other hand even the father here is regretting the fact that he could never be with his daughter and hence feels sorry about the situation.

Last to arrive is a Sajid-Wajid guest composition 'Tell Me O Kkhuda' which is written by Jalees Sherwani. Surprisingly though despite its racy mood, the song was relegated to just the theatrical promos and didn't see any other form of promotion whatsoever. Sunidhi Chauhan gets the right spunk for this rhythmic track which has gone entirely unnoticed, now that the film has released and is finding its way out of theatres.


Music of Tell Me O Kkhuda isn't really bad and certainly deserved some promotion for it at the least. For the launch (or re-launch in this case) of any actor, music does play an integral role and in case of Esha Deol and Tell Me O Kkhuda, there were some fairly decent tunes that Pritam had composed. However with no buzz being created whatsoever, it is inevitable that the music here will go totally unnoticed.


Someone Somebody, Mera Man

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