3 Good

well what can i say another crownin glory in yash raj camp. exploitation of indian audience at its best. yash raj really thinks we r stupid. u borrow 30 minutes from 10 different hollywood movies and make a 3 hour movie. how ridiculous is dat? this has to stop. seein the movie it was a deja vu experience. every scene reminded of some hollywood movie. hwo do u get away with stuff like this? we have to stop doin this. it is givin a bad name not only to indian film industry alias bollywood( now we know why) but also to us. yash raj probably spend a fortune in this movie, for the race cars , couldnt u spend something and atleast come up with a original concept or story. below are the names of the hollywood movies from where it looks like tara rum rum pum has been "inspired" from: driven, taxi, life is beautiful, cinderalla man, talladega nights, fun with dick and jane. and one last thing pls give ny city a break.