4.5 Excellent

[SIZE=14][b][color=orange]Ta[/SIZE][color=green]Ra[/color] [color=blue]Rum[/color] [color=red]Pum[/color][/b][/color]

[color=orange][b][u]Sallu's Review: [/u][/b][/color]

Yash Raj films is back after D2! With Tara Rum Pum, they venture into a new zone- Racing cars.

But before we talk about Tara Rum Pum, let's talk about Jhoom BARABAR Jhoom. The film looks 'RockinG'. Preity never looked so hot, sexy and gorgeous! I'm seriously ga-ga over her right now. Just cant wait to see her sizzle onscreen. The promo does rock. LOL at Abhishek! I had started disliking him of late due to some reasons but honestly I cannot wait for his performance! He's going to be outstandingly hilarious. Watch out for him and Preity! Amitabh was the usuul fool, essaying 'new' looks. Bobby was hardly there BUT Lara: Ohh Myy Goossh! :thud: Super gorgeous! I quite the title track JBJ! Its soo much fun and the choreography is simply fabulous! The first promo has set my expectations quite high for this now. I hope YRF continue promoting this movie and by promoting, I mean 'good' promotion. Not like the way they promoted Tara Rum Pum. Okay back to the latter now...

Tara Rum Pum is a sparkling example of qualitative cinema. Cinema that enlightens. Cinema that entertains. Cinema that leaves you saying 'whoa'. It is the kind of impeccably crafted film that touches you deeply and leaves you with a smile on your face. Not to forget that the message it gives is heartwarrming. I'm not implying that the film is a masterpiece or anything BUT it's definitely one of the most well-crafted film in the last months. It is a complete family entertainer. Tara Rum Pum undoubtedly works big time mainly due to its sincerity. It has a simple story but yet manages to grab your attention all through.

The movie starts off with Princess narrating the sory. I, as usual, wont re-write the story and just comment on it. As I previously said, its simple but yet beautifully well woven. Actually, if you compaRe TRP to Siddhart's previous outing : S|N, the latter has a much more 'grabbing' story BUT the former, handsdown, wins the overall battle! The way the movie has shaped up and the recation of the people only proves that the you just need a story that is worth telling, a story that can touch the hearts of millions to make a movie work. Also, I want to add that it was good to see such a sweet and cute story now, where the industry is going through a major transition in terms of creativity.

The movie proudly rests on solid grounds, be it plot, direction, action, acting, music,...

Director Siddharth Raj Anand surely deserves full marks for his work. After a
'hohum' debut with S|N, the man comes and consolidates his status as a director. He's here to stay. He has handled some scenes, especially in the second half, with utmost maturity!

[color=red][b]SPOILER ALERT:[/b][/color]
The beginning of the first half is pure fun. But the film gets better and better from the accident onwards. The second half was just excellent. The scenes dealing with the difficulties of the family are simply touching and deeply move you. Honestly, I was about to cry at several occasions!! Oh, and those scenes Taran mentionned were some of the bests:[i] ''Saif is reduced to a cabbie, Rani plays piano at birthday parties and hotels to run the kitchen fires and foot the bills, the children skip their meals to save for the school fees. The son, in fact, picks up leftovers from the waste to satiate his hunger''[/i] You got to watch the film to know how hair-raising those scenes were. Also, better that I talk about the climax here itself.. It was OUSTANDING! Despite knowing who was going to win (Yes, it was predictable), everyone in the hall had their eyes glued to the screen! It has to be one of the best climax of late! The part when RV does the same thing to that fool is sure to make the audience go mad!! I felt like jumping and shouting!! :lol:

[color=red][b]END OF SPOILER[/b][/color]

There have been loads of complaints against the music of the film but personally, I dont believe all that hoo-haa is necessary! Come on, its a typically YRF album! Initially, I wasnt fond of it but gradually, I became of its biggest fan!!

[color=purple][b]Tara Rum Pum Tara Rum Pum:[/b][/color] [color=purple]fun, Fun, FUn, FUN, FUUUUNNN and TOTAL FUN!! The audio isnt all that great but when you watch the song onscreen, you realise how it rocks! This has to be THE BEST CHOREOGRAPHED SONG OF THE YEAR SO FAR! I LOVED IT!! Definitely one of the attributes of the film! The bears were choo cheeewwt! I so wanted give 'em a huge huge huge hug! :( The dancing steps were greaat!! Overall, I ADORED THAat song![/color]

[color=red][b]Hey Shona:[/b] Such a romantic song!!! Rani looked gooorgeeooouuuss! and damnit, she makes a perfect couple with Saifouu! Again, loved it!![/color]

[color=orange][b]Nach Le Ve:[/b] Nach le vee nach le va nach le ve....Tubhi nachle vee!! It came at the perfect time... Yeah, it was silly, I mean Rani and Saif playing in the water, etc.....but it was an adorable moment!![/color]

[color=blue][b]Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum...Tara Rum Pum:[/b] Maybe my favourite song of the album! It was soo sad though :( [/color]

[color=gray][b]Ab to Forever:[/b] Choreography was BRILLANT!! In fact, oustanding!! Rani looked SUPER DUPER HOT!! Its Rocking! :P[/color]

[color=green][b]Sayyaan Ve:[/b] Aah! A masterpieve track, isnt it? Great picturisation![/color]

Moving to the performances, the movie belongs to.....The WHOLE Family, of course!

[b]Javed[/b] was hilarious with his accent! :lol: but he didnt only have a comic role. He handled the serious/drama parts with panache!

Billy/that fool/others/ were good too!

[b]Rani's friend, OR i better say Jiah from Shararat[/b] was perfect for that role! I LOVE this girl! She's soo pretty and looks soo sweet and innocent!!! Dying to see more of her!!

[b]Master Ali/ Junior Rehan/Champ:[/b] A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! haha...It was funny when he didnt have his own opinions and kept changing sides! :lol: his chemistry with his sister was just amazing! They were like real life bro-sis! Esp in the school, during lunch time....

[b]Lil Angelina...Par pyyar usse Princess bulatein hain:[/b] AMAZING! it was indeed amazing to see her delivering such a power packed performance! her expressions were bang on and her crying is HAILA! :o :o :-( :-( Love this girl! :wub: :wub: I can proudly say that she is BEST BEST BEST Princess in the world! :huggy: I hope that she comes in other moviieess too!

[b]Rani/Shona/Radhika something Rao Bannerjee :lol: / the best best best momma in the world:[/b] She proves why she's the No 1 actress! Despite having a simple role, not demanding historics or anything, Rani delivers a performance which will be remembered for a long time! aT the end of the day, U truly say that she is the best momma ! Her relationship with the kids was :thud: Also, watch out for her during her outburst!!

[b]Saif/RV/ Mr Best:[/b] is fabulous! After Eklavya, he is bcak, IN FORM!! Extremely likeable!! I so like this actor! He's so natural! He was deffo the BEST FATHER....THE BEST HUSBAND....AND THE BEST....RACER! Take a bow Mr Chote Nawab! Ur my SECOND favourite actor! :eek: :clap: :clap:

[b]The cars:[/b] FANTABULOUS!! forget the bikes of dhoom guyss!! :lol: Here comes the KINGS!!!! They were ROCKKKIIINNG!! Ohh and the races were awe-inspiring! I was spell-bounded!! So much well executedd!! Male audiences are gonna LOVE this!! :dance:

Certes, the film does have minusses, like it moves at a sluggish pace! :banghead: :banghead: But those minor blemishes can definitely be ingored!

Overall, Tara Rum Pum comes across as being an extremely enjoyable movie! One thing I can guarantee you is a smile on your face at the end!! go watch itt!! BO wise, it'll do terrific business in overseas and I guess good business in multiplexes!!

[color=blue][b]My Rating: 8.75-9 /10[/b][/color] (Undecided)

*Sorry for the mistakes and all.... I'm to tired to read what I wrote! :P*