0.5 Poor

Slumdog Millionaire

This is the most disgusting and insulting movie ever made, wake up guys if you are a true Indian and patriot about your country you have to outright reject just kind of movie. The way this movie has presented India it is disgusting, no matter how bad your home or yuor kids are you dont want others to critise it, this movie is same thing on one hand we try to project India as a land of opputunity there comes this gora and show it as a land of slums. All the guys giveing the score of 5 to this movie i guess are Pakistanis. What did you like about the movie, the kid who comes out of the shit and covered with shit just to get an autograph of Amitabh Bachan or the first shot of Taj Mahal where is it shown as sourrinded by sewage, or the Ameircan Lady telling her white husband to show that he is true son of America, when the Indian driver or chaffuer is kicking Jamal then the white lady comes and covers the boy Jamal tell me a single Indian shown in the movie that is good hearted even Anil Kapoor has been presented in a shdy role. If this gora's really whant to make a movie on India tell thaem to make a movie on Bhopal gas tragedy and show the true story of how the greedy Ameican lawyers came to India to make a class action law suits, or if this gora's wanted a topic tell them to pick a topic of rich Indian culture and heritage, i am sure that this gora's knows that those topics will be rejected cus they this western audidence will and the awards jury will reject the movie outright, look what has happened to TARE ZAMEEN PAR did it made it to oscars nominees NO, cus this movie was too modern and entertaining for them all this so called indian movie critics should stop licking this gora's feet and be realistic.