3.5 Very Good


My Review of Salam-e-ishq
Yes, you read it correct. This movie is really a good example of Teamwork, where every actor needs a hit disparately including Govinda, Anil Kapoor for his comeback, Akshay Khanna & John to sustain themselves in Bollywood. So, everyone has contributed for it nicely, some part you will like, some part you wont.
The movie talks only about love from the first scene to end. One, who doesn’t believe in love, might change the opinion after watching this movie. Basically it is a story of 6 different couples & their way of expressing love. Instead of making 6 different movies, director has combined all of them in one, which is something different. Out of these 6 couples, 4 couples are connected somewhere with each other but 2 couples John-Vidya & Sohail- Isha are totally different. Similarly, out of 6 stories (couples), 3 stories we have seen earlier in movies like
1) Govinda’s story =’Pyaar to hona hi thaa’
2) Akshay-Aayesha =’Shaadi se Pehle’
3) Anil-Juhi = ‘KANK’ & many others.
Story wise, John-Vidya’s story is a nice & that couple has enjoyed the movie very much. Acting wise, Vidya Balan has again shown her talent. John also supported her very nicely. I think, Govinda will get more movies after this one, as he has played his part very nicely. The story of Salman-Priyanka is nice to see due to songs, but please don’t apply any LOGIC to that. The actors who are wasted in this movie are: -
1) Anil Kapoor & Juhi Chawala=“ No proper reason for their fight”
2) Akshay Khanna=should have been replaced by Saif Ali Khan.
3) Aayesha Takiya= No scope for acting.
But the real hero of this movie who saves this ‘TITANIC’ constantly is Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy who has given very nice music. All songs are worth listening & watching, which will save the movie, I am sure. Almost every song has Salman, which will surely attract huge crowd. Song wise, title song is best to hear & see, which has all 6 couples dancing on the same song at different locations.
So, all n all a good time pass movie to watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend (If you have). My Rating will go up to ***1/2.
*** For 3 new stories & ½ for the director to handle such a huge star cast & switching between their stories so nicely.