3 Good


I was expecting a long film, and that's what I got! It wasn't amazing, but not pathetic either! But the Editor could really have done a better job! I wish Nikhil Advani had taken only three stories - may be John-Vidya, Akshaye-Ayesha and Govinda-firang... I don't know what the hell were Sohail-Isha doing in the film! It was completely not required and streched the story unecessarily.. The songs disappoint except the two title tracks. Salman and Priyanka REALLY need help with their wardrobes! YUCKY clothes.. Yellow zari dress for Priyanka and orange sherwani for Salman!! Is nobody watching??!! And please, after 18 years in the industry, I think it is high time Salman at least tries to act. We dont spend our hard earned money just to see him practice his walk on screen.. Granted he is good looking, but then that does not justify the ticket price. Puhleez Salman!! Stop simply strutting before the camera and learn at least 5 expressions!! Priyank is annoying, only flipping her hair thruout the film. John is a pleasant surprise. Govinda is back, finally! And I am so glad to see him on the big screen! He melts your heart with his innocence..