5 Excellent


Just saw the movie..wow..alright the begenning was abrupt...but what followed was magic, incredible story telling,, SLB is a magician ...how can someone be so creative...ranbir was incredible..best performance i have seen recently..some argue that story was weak and was dragged too long.. I THINK NOT, i mean SLB wanted the viewer to feel for Raj, his action were to be justified and if took 2 hrs do it then he did what was right. ENDing was massive in content, incredible emotions..yes SLB could have justified salman's role more (loose end)...MUsic was awesome each and every second in the movie..title song, chabeela and jab se are memoralbe..the town was so good high point of this love story, place never before seen, but felt, incredible , no clue why people are bithing about it, NOW the story..apapted from white nights..the story line was a liitle diffrent..maybe SLB should have stuck to the same story..but nevertheless great storytelling,,only and only Master Sangay Leela Bansali could have made such a incredible movie and he made a star out of Ranbir Kapoor,,all the performances were 10 on 10 ...beautifull movie