4.5 Excellent


I have seen saawariya & without a doubt it's much much better then OSO,I was shocked to read the reviews like it should be avoided,it's a disappointment,it's SLB's version of RGV Aag etc.I don't think it was a kind review,songs,dance and every frame/scene in movie was beautifully picturised.I think critics should not Write-Off a Movie like this,somewhere I feel reviews are biased or were written with an intention that people should not watch this movie despite the fact it's a Well Made Movie.Saawariya as a movie is not regular Bollywood "Jhatka-Matka" movie, it's a like a play you are watching in Cinema.Ofcourse it caters regular song and dance but they are beautifully picturised and don't look cheap.Acting Wise Rani and Ranbir have more role as compare to Sonam and Salman, therefore Rani and Ranbir have more scope from this movie.And it won't be right to say that Ranbir aped Raj Kapoor,it's a false statement,because every scene of the movie has SLB stamp,Raj Kapoor's work can be scene in Many Films of today's time,filmmakers like Karan Johar,Aditya Chopra,Subash Ghai,Suraj Barjatya,Yash Chopra etc.and all have admitted that they were inspired at some point of time with Raj Kapoor.I will suggest viewers to watch this movie and then decide,don't go by the judgement of critics because there is lot of variation and versions in Film Reviews written by those critics.The movie will hold you, you don't feel like leaving the theater.Don't make OM Shanti Om as a benchmark, and for sure this time I don't know how you give the stars to movies but for sure it doesn't deserve one star!First of all movie is a fiction,a fantacy where there is no space for reality, you show what you imagine, so there is no harm in showing places that don't exist!