3 Good


Well to start with i think it was a above avg movie...i didnt have any expections coz of negative reviews..but i liked it overall..the visual are really gr8 but there were serious issues in the story and i think the biggest flaw of the movie is editing..bansali did a good job in directing the movie but did a crap job as a editor..firstly there were songs for every ten min. which was really annoying though i liked the music..but it was fast forward material coz it didnt need it in story..i think he should have cut some songs and kept the sallu's and some scenes..coz sallu's roleis totally half baked..and there are alot of questions which are unanswered and i think this is responsible for all its negativity.....as i said earlier music is good but some of the songs were not needed..

now come to the performances...

ranbir: firstly i didnt like him a bit in the promos but after seeing the movie..i think he did a good job as a debutant...better than i expected..yes he did went OTT in some of the scenes but also did a very good job in the other scens..overall a very good beging of the career..

sonam:my good what a beauty..and she was also good in the movie...her role could have been better but she did a very good job..and donnu y alot of peolpe didnt like her

rani:she looked beautiful and performed really well..she desreves the best suppoting actress award

sallu:well he did a good job..but i think slb shouldnt have cut his role coz he kinda looked wasted..

zohra sehgel:she was extremely likable.

overall i thing its a good movie