4.5 Excellent


This movie as Mr Taran claims is Bhansali's weakest and losiest product to date. I beg to differ. I think his ears were shut and he was probably chatting away instead of paying attention to the movie. The numerous points he brought up about the flaws of the movie were so irrelevant and once again proves that he was sleeping, chatting and had ear plugs in his ears. In the movie, Rani already mentions right at the start that the town that we are seeing is her imagination envisioning it and hence, the lavish fairytale type sets and the dim colours! Taran, listen! As for why Rani rejected Ranbir, please watch once more and know.. Its pretty clearly explained!

Other than that, the movie boasts of wonderful sets, some wonderful dance choreography, nice songs (most of them) and very strong performances from its leads. Watching this movie reminded me of watching a Tim Burton movie or a Baz Luhrmann movie which usually boasts of some beautiful sets and has a surreal kind of setting. The story was just a simple one and nothing spectacular but the execution is what you would expect from Bhansali. One problem though... at certain points, the movie kind of drags. But doesn't it in most Bhansali movies? Thats his style of movie making and its time we appreciate it. Compared to the pile of shit that is Om Shanti Om, this movie is 10 times better!