5 Excellent


I am really disappointed on the things people are saying about this movie. Worst than RGV Ki Aag?? You have to be kidding me!! Saawariya has a wonderful story...it may not be a true blue masala type one but its simple, sweet, and very beautiful. I know it doesnt surpass SLB's other movies but its really a well-made movie. And the way he has treated the simple story is BRILLIANT! I bow to his direction and his excellence at what he does. Saawariya is a masterpiece! It takes you into a dream, a fairytale and leaves you wanting more. This isnt a movie for everyone thats for sure...its a whole new genre with a whole new way of direction and visuals and it needs an open mind. It requires understanding of what the director is actually trying to show and the appreciation for that. Every scene is like poetry. Its so beautiful, breathtaking, and magical! I was spellbound...what a cinematic treat! Performances, Ranbir takes it all! What a performace! I fell in love with him and his character! So charming! He is an actor to look out for because hes here for a looooonnngggggg stay. Sonam is awesome as well but a little more work and she'd be perfect. The thing is that she didnt have as many scenes or as much scope as Ranbir did in order to perform her heart out and so she became a little sidelined. But she was superb nonetheless! Rani is a star...I loved her! Everytime she came onscreen she was wonderful and I kept wanting her to come back. I enjoyed her presence thorougly! The music is sheer melody and it takes the story forward. Not one is misplaced in the screenplay and amazingly, they all have lyrics that actually go with the situation perfectly. The picturizations are nice as well. I loved Ranbir's towel song haha. The direction is superb. Only SLB can use a simple story like this and make it so beautiful! It is so different and new from what we see onscreen that people find it hard to accept. He has shown a totally new take on love...'just the feeling of being in love is enough'...its poetic right there! I loved the movie...didnt quite meet my expectations but it was wonderful! Hats off to SLB once again! Only he can make a movie like THIS!