5 Excellent


Saawariya is sanjay leela bhansali's 5th outing. Lot of hype is going on around saawariya and om shanti om. Im a very big fan of shahrukh khan an have a very good ear for music. No doubts om shanti om is a very good album but saawariya takes the lead. All the songs , all the songs are great. The music by monty is very soothing.the lyrics by sameer pulls it off. comeone now, chabeela is great. saawariya title track is excellent and yoon shabnami is mind blowing. Sawar gayi is so touching and sonice to hear. I dont have any doubts this is the best album i have heard since veer-zaara. Saawariya is simply awesome. Kab se khadi main tohri atariya, beet naa jaye o saawariya, saari umariya....another one, chand ko bharma gaya, tujhko dekha to sharma gaya...You need to have a good understanding of music to appreciate saawariya and saawariya is too good, simply too good.