5 Excellent


one word what a classical album after veer zaara its even better than osm the best of the year for me

Saawariya - Short and sweet song, sung by a new singer Shail Hada. I thought on high notes, it was bit nasal. Still enjoyable. 5/5

Jab Se Tere Naina - Good song… Amazing singing by Shaan. Liked his energy and range. Clearly a winner !! 5/5

Masha-Allah - Big time worked for me. Very awesome singing by Kunal. the best all the three tracks till now are awesome 4/5

Thode Badmash - Slow song. Has Bole Priya feel. This is a mediocre song, at the best.

Yoon Shabnami - This is a big break for Parthiv Govil. beautiful song. Song ends on high tempo. 5/5

Saawariya Reprise - Like this better than the first one. 5/5

Pari - At last, a decent song by Kunal. Still, his nasal singing at high pitch irritated me. 4.5/5

aan-e-Jaan - I am getting tired of hearing Thunder in the background in almost every song. Suits Shreya’s singing more than Kunal. Would have sounded better if KK had sung this instead of Kunal. 3.5/5

Sawar Gayi - Shreya at her best !! After couple of hearings, i liked this song. It takes time to grow on you. 4/5

Overall 9 awesome tracks

4.6/5 the best of the year shocked to see this album is already a blockbuster better than all album this year including osm