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Do you all remember a topper in your school-life, who never gave straight answers. The one, who used to convolute simple answers to simple questions. Vikramjit Singh, the debutante director, is one such person, who thinks he is smart, ends up complicating his own so- called swell idea, called, "Roy". It is so bizarre, random and so damn convoluted, even the leading hero of the movie, Arjun Rampal, says,"Pata nahin. Yeh film kaise bani"(I'm clueless about how this film was made). You're not alone, Arjun, as we are thinking that way too. But most of all, I pity Ranbir Kapoor to choose such a convoluted script.

Let's roll-in the synopsis. A maverick-cum-casanova filmmaker, Kabir Grewal(Arjun Rampal) is on the way to make a film on the art-thief called,"Roy". And for his movie, he flies off to Malaysia. There he meets the pink-lipped-Anglo-Indian filmmaker, Ayesha Aamir(Jacqueline Fernandez), and eventually, after continuous repeated meetings, she becomes his muse. In parallel to this story, a scintillating chemistry develops between a tourist, Roy(Ranbir Kapoor) and the red-lipped-beauty, Tia(Jacqueline Fernandez). Who is Tia? Will Ayesha be able to reciprocate Kabir's feelings for her? Who is Roy? What is/was he actually? How did he disappear? Find out by watching,"Roy".

The subject chosen by the movie's writer-director, Vikramjit Singh, looks and sounds good on paper. But, and that is quite a big,'but', when it comes to execution(read, the final print), it appears so random, convoluted. Yet, it is quite sleek and classy. But, in a nutshell, it is a box-full-of-nuts, packaged as a box-full-of- chocolates. So sad, isn't it?

As mentioned before, the story looks good on paper, but the screenplay and dialogues are so abysmally random(all written by Vikramjit Singh). The direction is no different(Vikramjit Singh). Music(Amal Mallik) is already a hit. It gels with the situations of the film, very well. Cinematography(Himman Dhamija) is colorful