1 Poor


Trailer and promo were reflecting that there is some mystery and thrill but after fifteen minutes of film you get the sense that there is nothing, you are victim of a boring stuff in the name of creativity. This is complex representation of a simple and many time seen concept. There is a dialogue in film that says that there is a type of film, which is only made for the sake of makers, without caring of audience, this line is appropriate for this film itself. Complete film is full of parallel cuts without any story line and emotions. It must have sounded fancy just at the idea level. Good actor Ranbir Kapoor gone waste. He had nothing to do. Sometimes I couldn't understand that what push them to do such type of film. Arjun Rampal is OK. Hindi does not suit a bit to Jacqueline Fernandez but she had make to speak difficult words even when it was not required for her character. It irritates more than her performance less acting.