4.5 Excellent


First things first.. Movie is for intelligent moviegoers those who can appreciate the dark side of life and have tasted struggle. Movie is not for those who are used to spoon feeding and useless unfunny comedies. A very well made neat and clean (though few scenes shows the colors of Jangli Jawani that we all have within) movie and profuses inspiration with its acting, direction, music and expressions.
Story till "Arsh" from "Farsh" is so smoothly picturized like Teachers or JD flowing through food pipe and just giving its kick slowly. It will take you deep in its own world of music and inspiration that you would stop longing for break. Intelligent screenplay in first half makes its mark, causes delight to mind and treat for heart.
A true depiction of artist(not star) or kalakaar comes into second half which shows the rigidity of director in the form of "Jordan" Negative. Expressions of Jordan show that true director like Imtiaz knows the struggle and pain of human life.
Yaa second half is somewhat abrupt for the audience and is not so easily digestible and few can find it neat shots. Last half an hour is like nonstop rock show and music takes the all spirit and screen, tries to overtake dialogues and screenplay. Ranbir along with "A. R. Rahman" takes movie to different heights and world where nothing is right and nothing wrong, just only soothing and eternal sound which touches the right chords of soul. Rockstar Rocks