3.5 Very Good


firstly i would like to say Taran Adarsh is right.for the first time my views match with him.Rockstar had created so much hype and people had lots of expectations from this one and it partly succeeds partly.it neither disappoints you nor it lives completely to your expectation.the film is made brilliantly.it's a visual treat if one has to describe it in one word.the film is shot very well at some beautiful parts of this World.talking about the performances Ranbir was at his best but he has done slightly better job in his earlier films.but he was good and did complete justice to his role.Nargis was below average.she was good but any other actress could have done better job than her.nothing great about Nargis.music was awesome.there were many songs some were full and some were in parts while some played in background.music was outstanding.direction was up to the mark it was an Imtiaz Ali level direction but it was like his earlier films.screenplay goes haywire in second half and at some places you get bored.that's the only drawback of the film.rest the film was good.a must watch i would say.overall a good film.recommended.